DIY Head Board

One of the best ways to make an impact on a bedroom is adding a headboard to it. It is a simple method that can accentuate a big or empty room and make it feel and look cozier. A headboard though, is a one of those home accessories than can range anywhere from a couple hundred of dollars to thousands of dollars.
This bedroom project will show you a fast, easy and affordable way to create a perfect headboard that will leave people thinking is a snique collection piece.

What you will need:
1. Wooden Door (76” x 30”)
2. 3 yards fabric (may differ, refer to seller)
3. Foam mat
4. Glue Spray
5. Furniture stapler
6. Scissor
7. Protective eyewear

1. Lay door on the floor with foam mat on top. Make sure both, the panels and the mats match dimensions. If not trim the foam to adjust the size of the wooden door.
2. spray glue the door and mat together. Let it dry for 5 minutes. One of the benefits of using Glue spray is that it dries out super fast.
3. Lay the fabric on the floor and an place the door on top of it with the foam facing the fabric.
4. Staple fabric to wood panel like you would wrap a present
5. Mount to wall with preferred method


DIY pallet planter

1. Wood pallets
2. Wood varnish
3. paint brush
4. Wire (specify what type of wire)
5. cleaning detergent
6. 5 gallons water

1. Clean wood with and let dry overnight
2. paint with favorite color varnish. Any type of color paint will do, just make sure you use and outdoor paint!
3. Let dry (varnish takes around 2-3 hours to dry)
4. shape wire as shown on picture. It will be like creating a nest for your plant pots.
5. Choose preferred wall mount method
6. arrange your plants in chosen pattern

A great space saving idea for those who which to have a garden but don’t have the space or don’t want to compromise it is having a vertical garden. A wood pallet plant hanger is a great way to achieve this look without sacrificing your wallet. You can buy your own but, wood pallets are easily found at warehouses and many retail stores and you can easily ask one if they have any ones, they want to throw out. Just remember, give it a good clean before starting your project.